New art projects [crow crazy]

So, I was scribbling with a ball point pen….& then this inky trio inspired an acrylic painting… Voila…. I spaced the third a little wider to balance them… I used a mixture of coarse, & fine pumice medium, acrylic paint, & ink. So far, I totally dig it… here is a close up… Still withContinue reading “New art projects [crow crazy]”

Winter projects

What have I been up to…. ‘aside from writing, watching, & feeding birds… PAINTING! the following works in progress are not static… ya never know what the end result will be until…well, the end. this guy has had a birch/oak background, a cerulean blue background…has evolved to this earthy, drippy, texture ink background. I’m diggingContinue reading “Winter projects”