Studio 13

Abstract art & photography

Winter projects

December 22, 2017

What have I been up to….

‘aside from writing, watching, & feeding birds…


the following works in progress are not static… ya never know what the end result will be until…well, the end.

Ever changing crow….

this guy has had a birch/oak background, a cerulean blue background…has evolved to this earthy, drippy, texture ink background. I’m digging it. This is a biggie, 5’x3’

Abstract art

Will this pretty monster earn a name?

heres another monster WIP…5’+x3’+ [i forgot to measure for accuracy]

so far, I am loving the composition. The texture. Might black out the right bottom red with oxide with coarse pumice…we shall see.

Abstract art

Cos I was moody…

admittedly, this bad boy has wildly changed…at least twice, if not three times…same colors, mind. I may just use this as a background….I gotta a couple ideas. This one is another 5’+x3’+ [ish]

would love any feedback, critique

thank ya kindly for stopping in


keep creating beautiful shit


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